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India – Youth Nation March 15, 2006

Filed under: Culture,India,Youth — Sam George @ 5:30 am

I closely followed President Bush’s recent visit to India. There were many issues on the table – Nuclear Deal, Strategic partnership, showcasing technological prowess, mango diplomacy etc. But US is also eyeing the growing middle class and the retail opportunity for Americana. What is often overlooked is the fact the vast majority of the growing middle class is young people.

India is the youngest nation in the world. Under the age of 25, there are more than half a billion people in India. There are more teenagers in India than combined population of US and Canada. This has also fueled a new culture, new outlook and an entirely newer worldview in India.

Politicians, policy makers and economists are banking on this new generations aspirations and fears. Parents, youthworkers, teachers and religious institutions are facing unimaginable challenges in dealing with this new economy, globally informed, tech savvy, and progressive generation. No wonder we can also see unprecdented levels of problems like depression, AIDS, suicide, violence etc among this new generation. New problems of the new generation.

Youthworkers in India has to think outside the box. Was it Albert Einstein who said, “solution does not come the current levels of consciousness which created the problem.” or something like that. They must think and act at higher levels.

Are you ready for the challenge of tomorrow?


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