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Churchless Christianity March 29, 2006

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I just browsed through this book – Revolutions by George Barna. This book seems to have created a buzz among American evangelical Christianity. I am also reminded of earlier book about emerging Christianity in India called Churchless Christianity by Herbert Hoefer.

In Revolution: Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary, the founder of the Barna Group says these radical Christians are obsessed with the notion of honoring God in all they do, but not necessarily in or thro church. Living out Christian faith, but outside of church.

God is their #1 priority–and they want even more of God in their lives, according to Barna, the author of 30 books, including Frog in the Kettle and User-Friendly Churches. The Christians he describes are searching and yearning for the sense of authenticity they see in the book of Acts. They live lifestyles of worship as they apply biblical principals to every decision they make.

Revolution is more than a composite of Barna's current research; it is his call to arms, a personal manifesto. Barna is encouraging his readers to become Revolutionaries whether they choose to align themselves with a local church or not. We'd like your opinions on four of the more controversial Revolutionary tenets Barna identifies.

If you get to read this, let me know what you think you agree or disagree with Barna. What are its relevance Coconut Generation? Or the emerging generation of Asian Indians everywhere?


One Response to “Churchless Christianity”

  1. JOYS K.S Says:

    Yes I agree with Barna.

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