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Life cut short? May 31, 2006

Filed under: Bible,Youth — Sam George @ 3:01 pm

Last week, I attended the funeral service of Semy Sebastian, a 24 year old young man in Chicago. I did not know him personally, but knew young people who knew him. He is from the Indian catholic community and had many friends in Indian churches/Asian community in Chicago.

The service was a moving time. I feel deeply when young people die. For people who hold so much promise and their life is unexpectedly cut short, you are left with many unanswered questions. It also brought to mind my own brush with death and my dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ – the only one who conquered death and who rose victorious from the tomb. He alone has promised us life beyond the grave. Have you put your trust in Him?

John 10:10b says, "I have come to give you life, and have it to the full." Other translation says "…have abundant life." and "…life in all its fullness."

Death forces us to ask the ultimate questions that we often avoid. Materials accumulation does not matter anymore, education or career does not matter, social class or status or ethnicity does not affect. Death often comes unannounced. We only leave behind memories. How have we touched other people with out lives. What will the world remember us for? What will be written on our tombstones or obituary?

Something to think about, I guess?


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