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At Risk Behaviors of Youth August 7, 2006

Filed under: Culture,Resources,Youth — Sam George @ 3:50 pm

CDC (Center of Disease Control) publishes a report on behavioral trends among youths in the US called 2005 At Risk Behavior Survey. It covers six major areas: a) Unintentional injuries and violence, b) Tobacco use, c) Alcohol and other drug use, d) Sexual behaviors, e) Unhealthy dietary behaviors and f) Inadequate physical activity.

Some of the finding are disturbing: 831,000 pregnancies that occur each year among persons aged 15 – 19 years; 9.1 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases that occur each year among persons aged 15 – 24 years; and An estimated 4,842 cases of HIV/AIDS that occur annually among persons aged 15– 24 years. Leading cause of death among 15 – 24 year olds: motor vehicle crashes accounted for 31% of deaths; homicide for 15%; 11% of deaths were the result of suicide etc.

What I did not find in this report is data on Asian Indian or Asian Americans. Ethnic and racial grouping only includes white, black and hispanic. Though Census tracks Indian Americans as “Asian Indians” in a separate categories since 1981, CDC is yet to include this growing ethnic groups in its surveys.

Check out the CDC report presentation and how does some of the trends impact kids in your church or community? Are these trends true of your community?


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