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Leadership Summit August 16, 2006

Filed under: church,Events,Leadership,Youth — Sam George @ 4:58 am

Last week (thu – sat), I attended the Leadership Summit at the Willowcreek Community Church – an annual leadership training event attended by some 70,000 leaders (pastors, christian workers, marketplace etc) in some 130 cities around the world.

I got introduced to this event when I was majoring in Christian leadership at Fuller seminary. Over the last 7 years, I was able to attend this event every summer. I find this time to be immensely useful to reflect on my own leadership, to learn from other leaders, to pick up new resources on leadership and to meet many wonderful leaders. This year was no different!

It was great to meet Ashish Nanda (professor from Harvard Business School) and hear his reasearch finding on hiring stars. Bono‘s challenged us that our generation must do something about poverty and AIDS crisis in the world. Andy Stanley of NorthPoint Church spoke on not to cheat family for the sake of our leadership roles. Jim Collins spoke on his Good to Great concepts for the social sector. Wayne Cordeiro of new Hope Felllowship had some great advice on striking balance between life and work. Overall, a great event indeed.

What made this time really exciting was that my wife was able join me for the entire conference and we talked through many of the issues facing our own family and ministry. Many of our local ministries were also there. Great time of fellowship, sharing and renewed our own leadership commitments. We all must take time regularly to refuel our leadership tanks.

More next week.


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