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Book Tour – Boston & Indy August 24, 2006

Filed under: Bible,Leadership,Ministries,Youth — Sam George @ 11:44 pm

Book tour is coming its end. This weekend, I am in Boston and then the labor day weekend in Indianapolis. It was an exciting and exhausting summer for me. I have written things in the past and spoken about them at events. But never was on road for three month to promote a publication of mine.

The summer long adventure of travelling through many cities and attending national events had been fun and enriching experience. These days, before I get to a city, people there have heard about the book, some have checked out the website or interested in hearing more about the book (like the story behind the book, how it came into being, what did it take to pull it together, why did you want to write it etc.)

The book has opened many new doors for me. I met many wonderful people as a result. Networking emerging leaders is tough job. They lie under the radar of most institutions and organizations. I hope to serve the emerging leaders well by bringing them together,  introducing them to each others and together seek what does take to men of Issacher, ‘who understood the times and knew what Israel must do’. (1 Chro 12:32)

I do have few more book related travels later this year. But for now, I will wrap up the initial launch phase promotional activities. Now as people get to read and digest these findings, it is going to generate more interest. I really hope younger leaders will start their ministries at a better place than us by leveraging our learnings; insteading of building from scratch, they will use of some of the building blocks; will not commit the same mistake we made and go through the iterations, but learn from our blunders and go on to build more effective ministries to the coming generations.



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