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Protestant Teens September 12, 2006

Filed under: Youth — Sam George @ 10:38 pm

I just came across the latest report of the National Study of Youth and Religiion

“Portraits of Protestant Teens” provides a numerical description of the role of religion in the lives of Protestant teens. The report lays out denominational differences in religious beliefs, religious activities, religious faith and practices, evaluations of church, moral views, risk behaviors and civic activities.

Is there are any study on teens and religious affliation/participation among Catholic, Hindus, Muslims or sikhs? That would be an interesting comparison. Moreover this got me thinking, what would data look like for Asian Indian churches in America. Sometime ago, I was involved in mapping agewise distribution of church morning worship attendees in couple of churhces in East Coast. Of course, late teens and 20s were the lowest in church attendence, when people in 20s is one of the largest demographic category. Striking contrast and most church folks are oblivious to this demographic shift.


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