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Cultural Revolution – iPod October 31, 2006

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On Oct 22, iPod turned five! In these short year, it has become an icon of our cultural landscape. Digitial music, legal music downloads, podcasting etc have crept into our vocabulary. This phenomena has restored fame of apple computer company and got many to develop “me too” products and services. Much like what Sony did with walkman many years go.

See Macworld review on this important landmark in history. What do you think is the reason behind their success? Do you/your church podcast? How widespread/popular is iPod with coconut generation?


Mission Conference

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Last weekend I was in Carolina Beach, NC attending a mission conference of Seaside Chapel on behalf of RIMI. Met some great people and greatly encouraged to see a church catch mission vision.

On sunday I spoke on Great Commission, particularly Acts 1:8. My primary emphasis was on why our mission involvement has to be at 4 levels. J-J-S-E paradigm – Being witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and End of the Earth. The geographical ripples has to be understood along with the key connecting word “and”. The verse does not say “Or” and not even “then/afterward”. The final commandment of Jesus to his disciples is that they bear witness to the work of Christ in the power of spirit in all four realms. Not just in one or do one at the cost of other. It is not sequential, but our commitment should be for all four realms simultaneously.

We are asked to fire on all four cylinders! How many cylinders are working in you/your church?


Married Households – A Minority in US October 25, 2006

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Marriage does not dominate the American landscape anymore. For the first time in its history, marriage has been brushed aside from the center of our societies. A clearn sign of social breakdown.

The recent US Census reported this changing reality. Of America’s 111 million households, 55.8 million of them—50.2 percent—are marriageless: headed by single moms, single dads, or couples living out of wedlock, including homosexuals. The figures do not include the 30 million single American men and women who live alone. 

Anti-marriage trends are all around. Divorce, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, abortion, co-habitation, single parenting etc are on the rise. These issues are what scares many immigrant communities from strong family culture like India, China, Africa, middle east etc. Maybe eastern societies can teach the western world about strong family culture or will we also become part of the western culture trends.


Dalit Conversion October 20, 2006

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October 14 is marked as the World Religious Freedom Day. On this day back in 1959, Dr. Ambedkar, the author of Indian constitution, left Hinduism to become a Buddhist. This year on this day thousands of Dalits converged in Nagpur to publically renouce and get converted to Buddhism and Christianity. See news reports Independant UK, BBC, Zee News etc.

Dalits are the lowest of Indian caste system and are also called untouchables or outcasts. They are the oppressed and crushed victims of the traditional caste system. They account for almost quarter of Indian population (over 250 million people). They are not allowed to worship at temples, never had educational opportunity and were forced to work that no one would ever do.

The recent uprising against the historically oppressive structures both religio-cultural and socio-economic is resulting in conversion of dalits into more elgalitarian religions like Buddism and Christianity. But is it true conversion?

I wonder if those who were converted to Christianity really experienced the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is there any transformation? Will rest of Indian Christians really embrace them (give their daughters to a dalit young man)? Why is caste feeling still prevalent among Indian Christians?

If you are interested in knowing more about this, check out  Dalit Christian, Ambedkar, Dalit Theology etc.


Next Gen Ministry October 18, 2006

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Is there a thing called generation gap? How will that affect how ministry is done and recieved in churches? Should there be a generation thrust in ministry or will faith supercede generational differences. This is particularly critical in immigrant churches.

The “church within a church” model is something that I had suggested among the many other models of ministry in the Coconut Book for immigrant churches.

Not necessarily, this will work for all churches. One of the pioneers of this model, Willowcreek Church closed its next generation ministry called Axis in July 2006 after 10 years. Read Willow’s announcement and Leadership Journal Blog (Axis Denied) and readers responses.

I do not know what transpired behind the scenes, but I was talking with next generation leader about ending of Axis ministry. May be it became victim of its own success. Everything that Willow tries gets lots of attention in the Christian media. Or Willows other ministry stratagies like multisite (“churches around a church” undermining “church within a church”) or neighborhood (home church model) came in the way of next gen ministry.

Whatever be the case, there is much to learn for those who research, study and involved in ministry to the emerging generations. He who have ears, let him hear!


India to attract second generation

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Every year, India celebrates Jan 19th as the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Overseas Indians Day). On this day in 1914, Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa and provided leadership to the freedom struggle against British colonial rule. I have not been to one yet, but know of people who have participate in this event. From what I have heard is that  this celebration was simply party time for the rich and famous! But no doubt that it is a major initiative on the government’s part to network and mobilize the globally scatterred people for its development.

I recently came across this interview by Overseas Indians Minister Vylar Ravi  He cited two exciting plans of the forthcoming 2007 NRI day for the second generation of Asian Indians worldwide – a) PIO University to provide world class professional college options, b) Know India program, where government plans to fund high school/college age overseas youths to come and visit India.

Looks like government of India is getting beyond addressing the migrants and their needs. And now is trying to win the allegience of the next generation to the land of their forefathers. This is surely an attempt to woo the coming generations to stay connected with India. Let’s see how this is recieved by second generation Indians worldwide.


Radio interview – Prime Time America October 17, 2006

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Couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed on Moody Radio for their program Prime Time America (a nationally syndicated news and information program).

If you didn’t get to hear live, check out their online archive. Fast forward to 1hr 30 min.

This was a new and also a strange experience for me. The program producer send me an email the day before and asked if I will be available to be interviewed about the Coconut generation book. I took the call from my home office. Talking into the phone with no idea who your listeners are or where they are! That made it strange. But I got calls/emails from friends in many cities saying they heard me on radio! This stuff really works!