Coconut Generation

The Next Generation of Asian Indians

Minorities in America October 5, 2006

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This month, US population is expected to cross 300 million mark. And almost one-third of them will be a minorities, ie. Hispanics, Blacks, Asians etc. Hispanics in the United States have outgrown the number of blacks in the country in recent years and account for 14 per cent (42.7 million) of the population. Check out US Census Bureau for recent report on minorities in America.

Of course, immigration continues from those parts of the world. But this increase also due to higher birth rate among minorities. Nearly half of American children under the age of five are from a minority group. Asain Indian population in America is also steadily growing – almost doubled over the last decade or so – both on account of many technology related immigration and of course the Coconut Generation.

Most recent immigrant tends to develop their own religious systems just as it was back where they came from and refuses to fit into things here in America. Most Indian Christians in United States were unable to fit into American churches and ended up hiring local churches to continue their particular spiritual practises.

But with the next generation things are begining to change – will they preserve faith traditions or will they assimilate into mainstream American christianity or will it evolve into something entirely new form? Only time will tell what will happen? But it is sure will be different!


2 Responses to “Minorities in America”

  1. Paol Schmidt Says:

    This helps me in no way whatsoever. You sohuld get your information from a more creditable site. The census doesn’t even mention Indian minoroties in America, so stop making it the number one thing up for

  2. Paol Schmidt Says:

    i spelled should wrong and minorities

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