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Christianity Today – Next 50 years October 12, 2006

Filed under: church,Culture,Leadership,News,Resources,Youth — Sam George @ 10:39 pm

Even if you are not a regular reader to this monthly evangelical publication, I suggest you don’t miss this latest one. On its 50th anniversary, it takes a look at coming 50 years in some 11 areas. Did you know this magazine was founded by Billy Graham. Also on their online site, you will find all sorts of retrospective articles on the last 50 years of evangelicalism.

Interestingly, one of the areas they are looking into is youth. Many known voices were consulted to guage their insight into the future, including my professor Kenda Dean.

Thoughtful and challenging times are ahead of us all in ministry!


One Response to “Christianity Today – Next 50 years”

  1. yucan Says:

    I thought it was good, but very strange… for the future of the church in the US, they asked 11 white pastors about it; no nonwhite pastors… That’s a bit concerning, I believe.

    Oh, and by the way- thanks for your book. I appreciate it a lot. We’re doing some South Asian work here in San Diego…

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