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Married Households – A Minority in US October 25, 2006

Filed under: church,Culture,Family,News,Youth — Sam George @ 4:31 am

Marriage does not dominate the American landscape anymore. For the first time in its history, marriage has been brushed aside from the center of our societies. A clearn sign of social breakdown.

The recent US Census reported this changing reality. Of America’s 111 million households, 55.8 million of them—50.2 percent—are marriageless: headed by single moms, single dads, or couples living out of wedlock, including homosexuals. The figures do not include the 30 million single American men and women who live alone. 

Anti-marriage trends are all around. Divorce, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, abortion, co-habitation, single parenting etc are on the rise. These issues are what scares many immigrant communities from strong family culture like India, China, Africa, middle east etc. Maybe eastern societies can teach the western world about strong family culture or will we also become part of the western culture trends.


2 Responses to “Married Households – A Minority in US”

  1. bonnieq Says:

    This reveals the end days, the age of Laodicea: “for the wicked will wax worse; let the righteous remain righteous and the filthy remain filthy.” The time is at hand and things will not get better. This also is just one of many things that points to the US as being “the second beast that rose up to support the first beast.”

    Thank you for posting the statistics, as sad as they are. 🙂

    Love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers

  2. asphaire Says:

    … not a very uplifting reality i must say…

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