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Mission Conference October 31, 2006

Filed under: Bible,church,Events,Leadership — Sam George @ 3:56 am

Last weekend I was in Carolina Beach, NC attending a mission conference of Seaside Chapel on behalf of RIMI. Met some great people and greatly encouraged to see a church catch mission vision.

On sunday I spoke on Great Commission, particularly Acts 1:8. My primary emphasis was on why our mission involvement has to be at 4 levels. J-J-S-E paradigm – Being witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and End of the Earth. The geographical ripples has to be understood along with the key connecting word “and”. The verse does not say “Or” and not even “then/afterward”. The final commandment of Jesus to his disciples is that they bear witness to the work of Christ in the power of spirit in all four realms. Not just in one or do one at the cost of other. It is not sequential, but our commitment should be for all four realms simultaneously.

We are asked to fire on all four cylinders! How many cylinders are working in you/your church?


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