Coconut Generation

The Next Generation of Asian Indians

Wireless Generation November 2, 2006

Filed under: church,Culture,Family,Ministries,Youth — Sam George @ 9:25 pm

A cover story in USA Today (October 3) describes the current generation of people under 25 as “digital natives” who grew up in a world filled with computers, cell-phones and cable TV. These are people who can’t live, work, relate, or play without technology.

As a result of Asian Indians natural inclination toward technology, we are seeing a higher adoption of tech-based tools and processes. The Coconut Generation are exceptionally tech savvy. How can tech tools help you in reaching and serving this generation? Got any ideas.

What the story ignored the impact of wireless laptops and phones on spirituality. When life and relationship are limited to virtual world, it lacks depth and remains superficial. Shallowness pervades every facet of life as a result. It also advocates an attitudes of not to be tied down to anything, mobility and information access becomes highest value.

We overfed with information and malnourished for meaning! These contemporary realities will intensify our search of meaning in life. What is life all about? Is there any purpose in life? What on earth am I here for?


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