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The Next Generation of Asian Indians

Why People leave the church? November 3, 2006

Filed under: church,Culture,Ministries,Youth — Sam George @ 3:47 pm

A new study is out from Lifeway Research on why people leave the church? Author is a pastor himself in Texas and the study is absed on actual church drop outs. He concludes 6 major reasons – Poor Leadership, Differing stydle, programs, disillusionment, inner hurts, and church size.

I had done a similar study among coconut church drop outs and came up with 10 major reason second generation immigrants leave their parents’ church in the Coconut Book chapter 7 (page 157). Sometime it takes lots of guts to look at yourself from the outside. It was hard for me hear them out and realize how we sometime do not see things they way they see. I hope and pray church leaders will garner courage to face realities from the other side of the fence.

See also my article – Why second generation is not coming to the Church?


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