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Online Matrimonials November 7, 2006

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Last sunday at church I met an old friend from New Jersey. He was beaming and glowing all over. Excitedly he introduced me to his fiancee standing beside him. I congratulated them and was very happy for them. They invited us to their wedding later next year and I promised I will be there. Soon I discovered that they had met over a popular Indian matrimonial website and have decided to get married.

Last week’s Businessweek carried a story on Yahoo-India attempt to buy out another popular Indian marriage portal. India’s growing Internet market, popularity of matrimonial adverstisement in print media, arrange marriage culture etc also make this a perfect strategy. Most Indian matrimonials website draw massive amount of repeat customers and bound to increase traffice in the days to come. So global search and portal companies attempt to gain a share of the pie make perfect business sense.

But what they don’t tell is the growing breakup and divorce among relationships that began on the Internet. Virtuality might aid annonymity and searchability over a larger pool of people, but does not help in building strong relationship skills or get marriage started on a right footing. Today young, tech savvy, now generation is jumping in and out of marriage with a mouse click.

Finding the person is one thing, but building lasting and fulfilling relationship is entire another thing. Last year alone, there were over 15000 divorces among Asian Indian in America. Three out of five Indian American marriages are being dissolved in less than a year. Read entire report. Disturbing days ahead!


2 Responses to “Online Matrimonials”

  1. Sunit Says:

    Is it safe to meet people on the Internet?
    Yes, meeting people via is one of the safest ways of meeting people. You don’t have give out any of your personal details to anyone; you can get to know someone at your own pace and can meet in public places. You can use’s emailing system initially.

    Safety Tips:
    Never give your home address, email address or telephone number to a stranger. Always arrange to meet in a very public place, i.e. a Restaurant etc. Always tell a friend/family member where you are going and approximately what time you will be back home… you can even get them to phone you during your date to see how you are.

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    How much do I have to pay to register on Matrimonial?
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    Can I register a matrimonial account on behalf of a relative or a
    Yes you can register for somebody else too! In the registration form you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you’re registering a matrimonial account.

    How do I Register as a member?
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