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TIME’s story on Youth Ministry November 12, 2006

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Few week’s ago Time carried a story on youth ministry – In Touch with Jesus. It said, “Sugarcoated, MTV-style youth ministry is so over. Bible-based worship is packing teens in pews now.”

The young generation are more intense seekers. Many religious institutions still treat them as little kids. An era of game, fun, music, “childcare” for teens approach to youth ministry is dying a natural death. I have never really believed in that in any way, but have seen many youth leaders pouring their heart and soul into it. They have longed gone beyond music to genuine connection with the Supreme. They are on a pursuit of ultimate truth, nothing else will satisfy them. They are on a lookout for others and to be part of community who believes what they do and what will make a difference in the world.

I strongly recommend Kenda Dean’s book – Practising Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church. This book was one of ten must-reads of church leaders last year. She was my professor at Princeton and I conside her as my mentor. I have quoted her in the Coconut Book and she also gave back cover endorsement. 

More later…


2 Responses to “TIME’s story on Youth Ministry”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hello! I saw you at the RIMI banquet earlier this year (in Sept), and bought your book, Coconut Generation. I have not read it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how it was. Thanks for writing the book.

  2. cocogen Says:

    Hey Christine,

    Good to hear from you. Yes, I remember you. Pls send in your feedback when you get to read the Coconut Book.


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