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Indian Youth – Happy & Religious December 4, 2006

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Indians are among  the happiest and most religious young people on the planet today. MTV Networks International (MTVNI)’s brand new Wellbeing Index found that nearly 60 per cent of Indian 16 to 34-year-olds are both religious and happy, in line with the happy, well-adjusted attitudes evinced by the world leaders on the youthful joy scale, Argentinians, Mexicans and Indonesians. Seventy per cent of Argentinia’s 16-34 year-olds and 80 per cent of 8-15 year-old Mexicans said they were blissfully happy. Read the entire report on Times of India or SIFY.

MTV has come out with a new index to measure our state of well being. The Wellbeing Index compares the feelings of young people, based on their perceptions of safety, on their notions of where they fit into society and how they see their future. How much of this status is as a result of the recent economic bouyancy and growing perception of India as an emerging global power?

Does faith help or harm our state of well being? Is prosperity making Indian more religious or is there religiosity contributing towards its prosperity? How does this rising optimism lead to rise in materialism or promiscuity?


One Response to “Indian Youth – Happy & Religious”

  1. JV Says:

    American has passion with opinions and polls. Probably this is simply a MTV propaganda, telling same things many other nations?

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