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Battle for the Next Generation December 11, 2006

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Here is a must read book for all who labor with the next generation. Ron Luce’s Battle Cry for a Generation. I was moved by his urgency on the crisis of the next generaion. He warns that if do not take this issue on war footing (I liked the battle field lingo even in the title), we risk loosing a generation. Next 5-7 years are absoultely crucial. I hope churches leaders will realize the extend of the crisis.

Every day our culture bombards teens with a wide array of messages that target their hearts and ultimately their souls. It may seem hopeless in the face of the tricks the enemy uses to attain destruction, but this is a winnable war. The key is to act now. There is no time for hesitation. The enemy has been gaining ground, and large numbers of warriors are needed to join the battle for this next generation.

Purpose of the book is to:
* Present the need that exists for youth to be rescued
* Expose key weapons used by the enemy
* Offer a plan of action for battling the culture
* Identify ways individuals can play a role in the lives of teens

 Check out their web resurce or conference. –

Do you have a Battle Plan for the next generation?


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