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India – Diabetic Capital of the World December 14, 2006

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India has a new dubious distinction now – Diabetic capital of the world! A recent report tells about the dramatic rise in diabetic cases in India, amouting for nearly 25% of cases in the world. WHO reports that by 2025, India will have over 57 million cases of type 2 diabetic.

November 14th is the World Diabetic Day (never heard of that?) Guess what, Indians are some of the leading medical reserachers and scientists in this field. In my own families,  many suffer from Diabetics and I have lost some due to this disease. Changing lifestyles, work habits, diets, new rest patterns etc all contributes to this dramatic rise.

Maybe Indian scientists can find a cure of this deadly disease. How will Indian problems challenge Indian minds to contribute to the world-causes? Will Indian brains find a match for the challenges of AIDS, poverty, diseases, education, healthcare etc?

Hey… how is your sugar level?


4 Responses to “India – Diabetic Capital of the World”

  1. peace06 Says:

    I don’t think there is a need to “find” a “cure” for diabetes (at least type 2 as far as I know). The only cure is “reversal”. The diet of the majority of Indians is faulty since most communities are vegetarian (myself being part of such a community). Due to absence of meat in the diet, there has to be something else to make us feel “full”. That something is nothing but carbs. Most Indians eat way too many carbs (roti, rice, sugars). To add to this, Indians have also started eating out heavily. Fast food, packaged food and other restaurant food is made from low quality ingredients. The best way to reverse diabetes and to prevent it in the first place is to follow a low-carb, high saturated fat diet.

  2. In most of the cases, a proper diet and a proper mix of physical exercises can keep the diabetes away, especially in the earlier stages. Normally people may not be aware of the fact that they have diabetes; it is generally detected when the blood examination takes place due to some other reason. There is lack of proper education about diabetes in India.

  3. cocogen Says:

    Dear Peace06 & Dr. Ashok,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree, I wish there is more health education, which could help people make informed choices on food and lifestyle.

    Prevention is better than cure, as the old Indian adage says.


  4. Abdullah paruk Says:

    My name is Abdullah I am from South Africa
    I require the e mail address of Dr ashok dhameja who practiced law in Mumbai

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