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Addiction with Cold-Cough Medicines December 26, 2006

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A good news – Illicit Drug usage among young people is on the decrease. But the sad news is that young people are getting addicted with off-the-shelf and prescription medicines. They no more look for street corner drug peddlers, but walk right into their local pharmacies or order online in order to get high. Drug culture among teens still persist, it just changed and taken a new form.

See this report on ABC News

Regular painkillers and even cold-cough medicines are being used by teens in heavy dosage to get high. Prolonged usage of these regular legal drugs causes same effect as cocaine, marijuana or crack.

Young people tend to experiment or peer pressure is what get them into drugs. Sometime it is their inability to cope with their pain or struggles or absence of caring adults that lead them to this path. They often want to pop in pill and fix their problems. Early detection of addictive behaviors can help enormously.

If you are youth worker, have you broached these and other hard-core topcis with your youths. Or are you still stuck up in sunday school approach to ministry to kids who dabbling with life-threatening and real issues they are faced with.

Lots of helpful resources for parents and teens – Also here is how to drugproof your home

What are your kids high on?


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    that’s right….keep writing bro.

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