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Piety in America January 10, 2007

Filed under: Leadership,Ministries,Resources,Youth — Sam George @ 10:01 pm

The Institute of Study of Religions at Baylor University released its findings on Piety in America. It reported that Americans are extremely religious. Nine out of ten Americans affiliate themselves with a congregation, denomination, or other religious group. Less than 5 percent of Americans claim a faith outside of the Judeo-Christian mainstream.

Among those who would label themselves as mainline Protestants, 22 percent believe the Bible is an ancient book of history and legends, another 22 percent never read the Bible, 12 percent never pray, and 14 percent never attend a weekly service.

But not everything looks good. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed would describe God as distant and not active in the world. They think of God as a cosmic force which set the laws of nature in motion, not as the engaging Father we find depicted in the Scriptures.

Some of this finding might seem contrary to popular beliefs. Younger generation more spiritual than religious, given up on institutions, drop outs etc. But this new religiosity is also pseduo in nature – a blend of various strains, rise of polytheism, post-modern concotion.


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