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Family Members doing your Reviews January 26, 2007

Filed under: Family,Leadership — Sam George @ 3:32 pm

In corporate America performace evaluations are a common thing. But what about executives being evaluated by their spouses and children. WSJ carried this interesting development in some of the major company CEOs and senior management called Family 360. Their big finding is that strengthening personal and family relationships with immediate and extended family members, improves work effectiveness. No surprise I guess!

No matter how your performace is out there, who you are matters. Your values, outlook, ethics, aspirations etc are all shaped in your home. Corporate America is finally waking up to realize the influence of home. More stable and fulfilling home environment is, more productive and resourceful people are at work.

But if you are working with non-profit or religious organization, do you dare to take a family 360? Sometime we think, since we are working for God we must even sacrifice on the family front. We hope our children and spouse should understand the noble causes for which we labor everyday. But they don’t. As CS Lewis said, “The home is the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose, and that is to support the ultimate career.”


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