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Stressed & Sleepless Indians February 15, 2007

Filed under: Family,India,Leadership — Sam George @ 10:08 pm

The unprecendanted opportunity and prosperity in India have not come without a price – Stress & Sleep-deprivation! As the economy booms and middle-class affluence grows, Indians are becoming forgetful and sleep-deprived. Our bodies are crumbling under the pressure of progress, says a World Health Organisation (WHO) based on a study conducted in six states. The results showed that more than 47 per cent of the respondents suffered from clinical anxiety, an equal number were depressed. Sleeplessness and memory disorders affected more than 34 per cent and 44 per cent respectively. Overall 40 per cent felt jaded and fatigued, 30 per cent had relationship conflicts, and more than 58 per cent suffered from stress-related bodyache.

This is new India with new problems. One cannot run on high speed lanes on empty tanks for long. When we run on top speed without adequate support system and enough fuel, we will surely come to a grinding halt at the most unexpected and incovenient time. Changes have been so quick, that we never found time to build up necessary support system. Social, familial and emotional support base that existed in the past have suddenly disappeared. Nuclearization of family, lack of social networks, emotional well-being, lack of spiritual strength etc have come to haunt the new generation and don’t know how to handle modern complexities!


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