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Vaccinating All Teen Girls March 27, 2007

Filed under: Culture,Family,News,Youth — Sam George @ 2:46 am

There is a new controversy brewing up with state lawmakers and pharma companies to vaccinate all teenage girls in America against a disease that is contracted by sexual contact only. Most vaccinations like smallpox, measles, polio etc are disease that could spread with casual contact. Read the story in LA Times, Houston Chronicle, Washington Post etc.

Some say this vaccination could save our teens from getting cervical cancer, so why not just everyone take the shots. Nobody is talking about how transmission happens and how this could provide license for young people to indulge in pre-marital sexual activities.

If you dig deeper, one can learn that this vaccination against human pappilloma virus (HPV) can prevent cervical cancer in only 70% of cases. This does not guarantee against other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or even deadly HIV/AIDS. But what this campaign is creating a perception among young people is that they are now protected against all diseases from sexual contact. One less reason to remain sexually pure.

The pharma lobby groups, lawmakers and elected official are once again encroaching into how children need to be raised. They overriding parental authority – much like what abortion without parental notification and birth control pills have done, increasing promiscuity.  How can they make such things mandatory for all without consulting what parents think about such things?

Some popular argument stemming from secular worldview is that, kids anyway are going to engage in sex. So how can we keep them from contracting deadly diseases or getting pregnant?

Even if this vaccination eradicates cervical cancer in America, who can save this nation from emotional trauma and lifelong regrets associated with promiscous behaviors. There is no vaccinations against them. Sexual abstinence before marriage and marital faithfulness within marriage are more sure ways to avoid all STDs and building strong marriages.


2 Responses to “Vaccinating All Teen Girls”

  1. I just found your blog on tag surfer – great post! I have a teenage daughter and there is no way I’m going to let someone vaccinate her for a disease that is transmitted sexually! I’m appalled at what I’ve heard in the news about this. First of all, if I teach my daughter abstinence (which my husband and I have done) and she saves herself for marriage (as does her husband) then she will not have to worry about contracting an STD! Why does everyone just ASSUME that children are going to have sex? Why do we even have any rules at all that we try to enforce if we think they are just going to break them? The idea that “they are going to do it anyway so we might as well protect them” is so ludicrous! Okay, I’m through with my rant now. 🙂 Like I said, great post – your last paragraph says it all!

  2. […] with current sex education approaches and curriculums. Some have making this as the reason for vaccinating all girls … remember the Merck’s vaccine? Was this research funded by pharma companies? Are they […]

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