Coconut Generation

The Next Generation of Asian Indians

Bollywood more popular with Indian Americans March 30, 2007

Filed under: Culture,Family,Leadership,Youth — Sam George @ 2:14 pm

Bollywood movies and songs has always been popular with global Indian diaspora. Lately it is becoming even more. See this report from Seattle.

For immigrant generation, this was a time of nostalgia, but for the Coconut generation this provides means to define themselves. Glamour, culture power and being aware of latest in fashion and music is critical to overseas desi youth culture. Though they reject their immigrant parent’s values, religiosity and culture, yet they are quick to embrace what is offered by desi popular culture.

Multiple genres within Bollywood movies like romance, songs, drama, suspense, action etc., offer something for everyone. Often provides a perfect escape from the daily grind of immigrant life. It become a conduit for marketing fashion trends and ideology. The mass media often takes random incidents in the society and when saleable ‘masala’ is added, make it look normative.

It is not just for the entertainment value or celebration of culture and traditions, but it become a place to come together as community as well. Longing to belonging is natual to all dispersed community. Bollywood is a glue to keep the global Indian diaspora and instill in them a sense of Indianness.


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