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House Church Movement April 18, 2007

Filed under: church,Family,Leadership,Youth — Sam George @ 3:59 pm

In a recent study of house church movement in the US by George Barna, shows that home church experience has been more satisfying more than those who attend conventional churches.

Church as a family is a common idea among Christians. Especially in the West, where radical individualism and consumeristic tendency has affected our church culture. They are desperately trying to create a sense of community for church goers. To create a sense of family and belongingness and trying to make church as family of families.

But lately many are migrating to a newer idea that ‘family is the church’. This is nothing new. First century Christianity was in homes of Christ followers. Romanization of the church is what created the institutional church and we all know the corruption of life, belief and practise caused by power, wealth and structures.

Theologian Jonathan Edward said, “Every Christian family ought to be, as if it were, a little church.” No programs or curriculums can bind people together into a family. Family feelings can not be created by meeting weekly at a common location or splendid teaching on being a family. There is something supernatural and within our genes that bind us together, like nothing else can.

There is no doubt that when a church meets at home, it unleashes its evangelistic and discipling making potential. Stewardship and involvement will be higher. Transformation will be lasting. No wonder many are rediscovering the House Church movement again. Back to the future!


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