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Booming Business in India April 23, 2007

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The prestigious magazine Fortune has named Sunil Mittal as Asia’s Businessman of the Year. He heads Bharti Airtel – India’s leader in mobile phone services and the fastest growing wireless market in the world.

In the lead article in its latest issue, Fortune said after succeeding in the cell phone market, Mittal is now forging his “most audacious” foreign partnership yet. A partnership with global giant Wal Mart to develop retail market all over India.

India has the unique distinction for the highest pay hike in the world. No wonder people are heading to India by planeloads. Money seems to be trickling down to the middle class finally and enterpreuner middle class is turning inot millionaires. But will it change the poor masses of India? In spite of unprecendented business boom, millions of Indians are yet to see a computer or own a cell phone or send an email.

Are the business focused on the lowest rung of the pyramid or preoccupied with the middle class? Who will stand in the gap, speak for the voiceless millions in India? Will business be just or exploit growing aspirations or drive further wedge between classes?


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