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Family Erosion in Latin America April 30, 2007

Filed under: church,Culture,Family,Youth — Sam George @ 8:20 pm

I do not follow much of Latin American world or catholic church news on a regular basis. But this one I could not avoid. I have always had lots of regard for the strong pro-life and pro-family vision of the Roman Catholic church. Not necesarrily how everything was advocated or practised within the church. In this Catholic News report, Pope Benedict XVI warned that the family in Latin America is showing signs of erosion, as evidenced by increasing divorce, cohabitation and adultery. I thought not just in Latin America, but erosion can be seen everywhere in the world. America has successfully exported its problems worldwide.

I consider current Pope to be scholarly and visionary leader. He is a man of conviction and does not always tries to be politically correct, but speaks his mind. He is very insightful on his observations on contemporary affairs of the world and gets to the heart of the issue. This is one of them.

Family is at the heart of every society and civilization. When this basic unit of the society shows weakness, sooner or later the entire society will crumble. When homes are fractured, future generations are at risk. Weaker the marriage bond, every relationship is bound to be deteriorate. Modernity, new morality, liberalism etc. has fundamentally eroded the time-tested institution of the family. Is it possible to embrace modernity and technological advances without having to accept liberal morality? Do we have to go back to age-old extended family and communal living?


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