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Child Abuse in India May 11, 2007

Filed under: Youth — Sam George @ 10:19 pm

The first National Study on Child Abuse in India, covering 13 states and a sample size of 12,446 children reports that 53% of children faced some kind of abuse. Most abusers are known people like friends or family members. Over 70% of cases are never reported. Boys and girls are almost equally vlunerable. See report IE, NDTV, Reuters etc.

Every second child in India suffer some form of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. What shocking is that inspite of such prevalence this was never studied before, this is the first ever nation-wide study on this topic. The central government is promoting sex education in public schools and some of the state governments are banning such lesson saying it is inconsistent with Indian culture. What a dilemma!

Children are not safe, even in homes. Future generations are going to be permanently tainted. Verbal abuse and physical abuse in the name of discipline is common in India. Sometimes emotional blackmails or assaults and sexual exploitation are carried by the relatives or powerful people in the society. Most can get away, even if cases are reported.

What we need is change of mindset to protect the weak and vulnerable among us. Nurture the next generation with genuine love and sacrifice. Problem might seem insurmountable. What can we do? All of our efforts might only be a drop in the ocean, so why bother? I firmly believe we must believe each of our effort in this regard matters. As far that child or vulnerable person it makes all the difference. Will I be there to speak for the voiceless and offere a lending hands to the weak and share few bucks to the poor and hungray? Not to feel good about it as a result, but in obedience to the lifestyle that Jesus advocated and modelled for us. Let’s change the world one person at a time!


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