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Blending faiths – Episcopal Muslim June 26, 2007

Filed under: church,Youth — Sam George @ 8:14 pm

Heard about an Episcopal Muslim priest? On Fridays she wears a black scarf and prays with fellow muslim in a mosque in Seattle and on Sundays she wears an Anglican collar to conduct communion service. Read the story in Seattle Times.

A black Christian lady minister in seattle has send some ripples in religious landscape saying, “I am both a Christian and a Muslim.” There is no need to convert from one to another, but simultaneously upholding various irreconciliable differences together.

What next? A Christian Islamic Swamiji?

An attempt to blend faiths in to order to develop a cocktail religion. Will it satisfy human longing for ultimacy? What happens when logic or inherant incompatibility are overlooked for the sake of being politically correct? When everything matters, nothing really matters most?

This episcopal lady priest could never be religious leader in Islam. Women can never become cleric, neither can they worship in the mosque along with men. Christian faith has been at the root of her racial, gender and religious development. Yet she is trying to concoct some absolutely irreconcilable differences?

Last month I was at a liberal theological institution in Boston where I saw onthe notice board seminars on Christian Yoga, Christian Rekhi etc. Is this cultural engagement or sycretism? Can we preface everything that is out there with Christan to make it sacred? Is it an attempt to find a common meeting place to dialogue or trying to baptize it with christian and biblical jargons to make it sound ok?

Read Chuck Colson’s breakpoint comment on this.


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