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Smoking – children will if parents are July 7, 2007

Filed under: Family,News,Youth — Sam George @ 4:24 am

Finally studies are confirming what many parents have always known intuitively. If parents smoke, children are more likely to pick up the habit as well. And often children end up smoking more dangerous stuff than their parents.

Babies with at least one parent who smokes have five times as much nicotine byproduct in their urine than infants whose parents are non-smokers. On average, children with at least one smoking parent had 5.58 times as much cotinine in their urine as babies living in non-smoking homes.

Lately enough studies have been done on harmful effects of secondary smoking – that is being in the company of smokers and inhaling smokes of other smokers. This has led to many laws banning smoking in public spaces and cities.

More importantly, children learn by emulation. When parents fail to model a worthy lifestyle, we can not blame the children for the way they turn out. Children do not do what we say, but they do what we do!


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