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Indian GDP crosses $1 Trillion July 25, 2007

Filed under: India,Leadership,News,Youth — Sam George @ 2:58 am

Indian has entered the elite class of trillion dollar GDP club. There are only 12 nations in the world that can boast of a trillion dollar economy. Other countries in this exclusice club are: US, Japan, Germany, China, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Russia.

After liberalization of Indian economy and technolgy outsourcing boom, the Indian GDP has grown steadily. India contiues to grow at  double digit over last many years and president’s dream of India being the next superpower has trickled down common masses. Indian rupee continue to rally strong against US $.

Yet common perception of India around the world is that of poor country, bullock carts and snake charmers. In spite of the recent prosperity large number of Indian remains far behind technologically and economically. Is it the same old story – rich getting richer and poor getting poorer? Will there be equity in opportunity for all?

The other side of imbalanced prosperity is becoming more obvious. Tech firms are seeing a mass exodus as their revenues drop from dollar earnings. Software executive or their family members being abducted for ransom. Call center girls being raped. The economically marginalized are resorting to growing violence and gun culture.

Nations greatness cannot simply be measures in GDP or military strength. True greatness lies how nation will have a global leadership (read influence) in spreading peace, prosperity and goodwill to human race everywhere. Is India ready to play that role in the 21st century world?


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