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Tribute to Binil Samuel August 13, 2007

Filed under: church,Youth — Sam George @ 10:57 pm

Last week was a difficult week for me. After a busy 10 day trip to London & Cambridge in UK, I got back home on Tuesday evening with a fever. But what made it very hard was untimely death of a youth leader in my church – Binil Samuel.

Just before I left for UK, Binil had send me a rather long email describing a vision for new ministry he had been thinking about. He wanted to meet up with me to discuss how to develop the vision further. I called him up later that day and we had a long chat. I promised to meet with him when I get back from UK. In fact, I was to meet him last wednesday.

He also told me about his recent graduation and the dream job he hope to start in Fall. He was looking forward to travelling on his new job and expanding his involvement far and wide. He further shared about his dream about developing a travelling drama team to share the truths of the gospel around the world. He was part of our church‘s creative presentation team and had done an exceptional service over last two years.

Binil was killed in a road accident on Aug 6. Instead of meeting with him, I had to speak at his memorial serice on Wednesday and then I also spoke at a special service at church on Sunday. Wake was on Friday and funeral on Sunday afternoon, both of which were organized very well by youths of Chicago.It celebrated his beautiful life and was amazing to see how much impact he had on his generation.

He was a godly young man with relentless passion to learn. He was part of a small group bible study, used his god-given talents and creativity for God’s glory and had tremendous influence on everyone around him. Listen to his testimony given to his youth group. A life well lived, though short. A legacy that will last a very long time.


One Response to “Tribute to Binil Samuel”

  1. bincy Says:

    hi Sam, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, but wanted to extend my condolences about Binil. His life and smile has been shared about in various places across the net, and all the tributes have been quite moving. Hope to see you in a month.

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