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Backlash on Asian Americans – VT shootings August 24, 2007

Filed under: Events,Family,Youth — Sam George @ 2:52 pm

Virginia Tech opened for another year of school, but school will never be the same after shootings four months ago. I know students who had applied to VT and came under pressure from parents to go elsewhere. Asian American families do not feel comfortable to send their children to VT, not because of the fear of another shooting (it could happen in any campus, for that matter) but the backlash and stereotyping their children have to endure.

I was shocked to hear the events at Virginia Tech few months ago. It was the worst school shooting in the history of US that killed 33 people at the college by a Korean American student. I have known many students who graduated from there and others who are involved with student ministry in the campus. See these reports – Shame on the family, trying to figure out what went on inside killer’s mind etc

Korean society puts a lot of insistence on doing well academically and economically. That contributes to a lot of pressure on younger Korean-Americans. The same can be said of other Asian Americans and Indian Americans in particularly. A study found suicide was the second leading cause of death among young Asian-Americans between 15 and 24, more than the national average. Asian-American girls between 15 and 24 have the highest rates of depressive symptoms and suicide rates among all racial groups in the US.

Living upto model minority myth creates tremendous inner pressure to perform. And those who do not make it or live upto those expectations, resort other avenues to take the pressures off. But those who cannot take the pressure off thro relief valve, pressure keeps building and eventually results in blowing up!


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