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Youth Happiness Survey August 27, 2007

Filed under: Culture,Family,Youth — Sam George @ 2:42 pm

Associated Press & MTV asked youth between the ages of 13 and 24 – “What makes you happy?” Most think answers could range from music, drugs, relationship, sex, money, cars etc. But surprise…surprise. The survery showed some remarkable things about youth and hence all youth workers must take notice.

 The top answer was spending time with family members and then came time with friends and significant others. Most adults think that youth angst tries to push themselves away from adults. But that is wrong. Youth need adults. Family members mean a lot to their development and maturation. They provide a sense of security like nothing else out there. They are looking for meaningful and life giving relationship with adults, who can empathize with their struggles and has the wisdom to navigate them through the quargmore of adolescence.

Other findings that stood for me: more money does not make them happy, sexually active youths are less happy, faith and spirituality very important in pursuit of happiness, most hope to get married and believes that lasting marriage will give them happiness, parents are their heroes!

There is no doubt among leading thinkers these days that relationship are the source of happiness. There is nothing like lasting and fulfilling relationship that can give us a sense of contentment. Today’s youth have figured out that material things, wealth, sensual pleasure or conveniences in life does not make them really happy. They have intuitively known that even many adults have no clue about.

Find reports on this survey at GMA.


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