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Reduce Divorce and save billions September 4, 2007

Filed under: Culture,Family,Leadership — Sam George @ 9:52 pm

With presidential elections heating up in America, candidates are pitching their take on family issues once again. We often hear a lot about what presidential aspirants want to do for American families, taxes, immigrants and not to mention support family values (whatever that means).

Here is a challenge to presidential candidates from a American family champion – Mike McMannus. He says divorce in American can be slashed to half of what it is now (does that mean from half of all marriages to quarter) without a penny of federal funding and in turn reducing federal deficit by over $40 Billion. Read his prescription in  a report in Dakota Voice or at Marriage Savers website.

 Believe it or not the prevailing culture of divorce in America costs taxpayer a staggering $150 Billion! Mostly due to welfare measures, food stamps and other subsidies. Most people on welfare have failed marriage or children out of wedlock. 

We can never put a price on the value of a stable family and what it does for future generations. Strength and stability of a nation depends on the strength and stability of the most basic building block of the society – ie family. The growing moral crisis and liberal ideologies are undermining greatness of this nation and its global influence, which by the way none of the presidential candidate really seems to care. They simply want to make it to the white house or want to sound politically correct or lack the moral courage to face the harsh reality of fundamental weakness in the American society.


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