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Kids as young as 10 on birth control? December 17, 2007

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Few weeks ago, I heard this report on ABC evening news – at a school in Portland (Maine), they are going to distribute birth control pills to middle schoolers? Once again parental rights and sexual morality is colliding head on.

Argument is that kids lives are being ruined by unwanted pregnancies, so why don’t we ask them to protect themselves and why don’t school administration distribute condoms and birth control pills? Children do not need to seek parental consent in taking these pills and in sexual experimentations.

Why is public school becoming a brothel? This only promotes promiscuous behaviors among the middle school kids. School adminstrators are interfereing with parental rights and sexual purity. In matters of personal morality, school system should not overrule home.

With first sexual experience going younger and rising teen pregnancies (report quoted over 17,000 pregnancies of 14 and younger), when should sex education begin? How young should these pills be introduced? Who will provide better sex education to our kids – school, home or church? If school systems to really serious about tackling this issue, why are using broken and unreliable solutions? Does US public school system dare to consider a sure way to handling this issues – abstinence.

Check out abstinence clearning house for resource on abstinence based curriculums and organizations.


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