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40% divorce rate in Mumbai, India February 5, 2008

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Three different friends of mine send me this report from TOI. It says that 2 out of 5 marriage are officially breaking up in Mumbai. No one know how many unofficial divorces takes place… those who sever the relationship and decided to separate without legal  hassles.

Sociologists have blamed it on the hyper-urban lifestyle. Often as a result of time-starved relationships. 8-10 hour work days plus 2-3 hrs of commute, leaves couples with very little quality time at their disposal in nurturing the  marraige. Other blame on extra marital relationships and some even on the influence of Bollywood culture in Mumbai. Whatever be the case, Mumbai is not financial and film industry capital, but continue to be trendsetter in new sociological upheavals.

Family is the most fundamental unit of the society. When families breakdown, there is weakening in the fabric of the society. It sure is indication of dilution of values and place of morality in the society. When a society grows weaker, soon it begins to show in the national character. Rise and fall  of nations can not be seen only in economic or military powers, but need to be seen inner moral courage of its people.


5 Responses to “40% divorce rate in Mumbai, India”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    I think it is a sign that the times are a changin, to be honest. In America in the 50s and 60s divorce was totally taboo. No one talked about it. Now in America some of half the marriages end in divorce. People are accepting when things are not right and moving on to a life they probably never thought they could have. Maybe this increase is a reflection and acception of that ideaology. I have read many stories on this topic at, check it out.
    Just my two cents
    Ann Marie

  2. Parthasarathy Says:

    Women possess a natural talent to be believed even when they lie. This, coupled with deliberately biased Indian laws, make a deadly cocktail that’s hit Indian males with ferocity. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know someone who has been victimised.

    Divorce rates have increased due to the empowerment of women and increased awareness of maintenance laws. Divorce should be recognised by the judiciary as a consequence of a break-up in a relationship; it should not hold the husband alone responsible.

    And ‘maintenance’ should have no place in a modern equal-gender society. Section 498A is used by the richer classes for blackmail. This law is used routinely in Bihar and Kerala. ‘Feministvadi’ Renuka Chowdhury, who typically is a ‘feminist scorned’, is divorced herself and has two divorced daughters too, has used her law against her own son-in-law!

  3. Zishan Says:

    Dont bother … It will increase more. Since this is one of the aftermath of westernasation

  4. Many Says:

    “People are accepting when things are not right and moving on to a life they probably never thought they could have. ” by Mary above. It is this exact strength of this ideology that makes it a weakness. People have become so passive that they just move on when things don’t work out. Dating, relationships, Marriage for western society has become a selfish endeavor, where personal benefit, rather than mutual tolerance and sacrifice predominate. Also don’t forget that if your first marriage did not go well, your second marriage’s chances of divorce are significantly increased. Most 2nd marriages end up in divorce with in the first few years.

    Divorce brings itself with depression, isolation and a weakening of familial values, which are the indicators of a society moving towards valuelessness and numbness.

    “People are accepting when things are not right and moving on to a life they probably never thought they could have. ” – once again is a very selfish ideology and true love has little place of selfishness. This statement also preludes us to the notion of “grass is greener on the other side” mentality, which is usually not the case. For example, what happens often is a marriage partner may constantly think that she/he settled for less, hence dreaming about what their life might be like without the current situation, hence leading to divorce.

  5. raj Says:

    More female freedom, western cultured teens growing up on MTV, girls and boys dating – all this and other factors of urbanization can be added in – BUT WHAT IS THE REAL REASON – quite simple…Indian girls are no longer virgins when they marry, they are hoares like western women (not all of them but the majority)…it is a known and proven fact – that if a girl has SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE – her marriage ending in divorce goes up by 60%. That’s why divorce is so violent in society in modern times. People destroy the sanctify of marriage by defiling their bodies before entering into the covenant of marriage, which needs pure fruits to be able to grow, blossom and flower not be spoiled by rotten fruits that make you vomit out of marriage.

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