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Surviving Daylight Saving Time March 10, 2008

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This weekend, those who live in North America will loose an hour. On March 9, we’ll loose an hour of sleep and the clocks go ahead one hour. This change does not go easy for some folks. I know a preacher who did not take this change of time into account and showed late to church on sunday morning! But there is more to DST than changing your clocks.

Planning ahead and following a few simple steps can help you minimize the impact of lost sleep. American Academy of sleep medicine have released a report how to survive the daylight saving time.

  • Begin to readjust your sleep schedule a few days prior to the time change by going to bed an hour earlier.
  • Modify your eating schedule by having dinner one hour earlier.
  • Be careful when driving or operating machinery on the day of the time change.
  • Avoid napping, particularly before bedtime.
  • Keep a light schedule — such as minimizing driving and avoiding strenuous physical activity — on the Monday after the time change.
  • Eat properly, stay hydrated and remain physically active.

This change harder for Americans, as they are more sleep deprived than ever. According a CDC study an estimated 50-70 million people in the U.S. have chronic sleep and wakefulness disorders. See a report on CBS and their recommendations to get a well rested night sleep.

Are you a ‘night owl’ person or do you struggle to function normally when deprived of sleep? You should be more careful, this could affect you more than others. For more resources check out Sleep Foundation.


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