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Abortion in African American community March 24, 2008

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I came across this disturbing report – since abortion became legal in America in 1973, life was snuffed out of more than 15 million black babies! Also in this community is one of the largest out-of-wedlock births in the country. All this statastics proves ramphant sexual activity before and outside of marriage, a low view of life and poverty ridden ethos to get rid of babies, instead of valuing and nurturing new borns.

This is in the scale of genocides that are going on many part of the world. Systematic eradication of black babies from the world. Some might argue, it is better off to abort than grow up under neglect, without father and in poverty, only to end up pushing drugs and joing gangs. Pragmatic as that solution may look like, a society that does not defend its most vulnerable is destined toward self destruction.

Last month was Black history month and abortion among the African American community is a tragic reality. Sadly most conversation I hear during this season is on schooling, economic advancement, state support, ‘I-have-a-dream speech’, great black preachers etc. Wonderful as they are, I see many overlooking moral and family issues.  Only few social or political organizations dare to challenge moral vaccum, fatherlessness, abortions, sexual promiscuity etc.

See National Black Pro-life Union for what is being done among black communities to get the pro-life message across. I wish more social and religious organization will speak up for the innocent victims and abstinence based view of sexuality will make more inroads in this community.


6 Responses to “Abortion in African American community”

  1. elderj Says:

    This is indeed a horrid and tragic report. The epidemic of abortion and out of wedlock births seems to have become somewhat of a desperate reality to which far too many of my peers in the black church and community have resigned themselves.

  2. Talulah Says:

    David Duke says there’s a Gentile genocide through abortion perpetrated by Jews. Which conspiracy theory is true – that Planned Parenthood is run by Jews and is killing off white people, or that Planned Parenthood is run by racists and is killing off black people?

    Personally, I feel that abortion is just a sign of the end times. We should embrace it, encourage it, and wait for The Rapture to take us home!

  3. Sparkle Says:

    I would rather a struggling single mother abort a child than have to raise a child who will be another “at risk AA child.” We have to accept reality on some level. We still live in a very racist and genocidal culture and as long as America remains committed to the destruction of people of African descent, I personally see nothing wrong with a mother wanted to spare her child the horrors of racism, poverty and few positive chances in life.

  4. elderj Says:

    Sparkle, I am sorry, but the destruction of people of African descent that you mention is not helped along by Black people aborting their own children. There are horrors and evil much greater than poverty and racism, such as infanticide (i.e. abortion). While I agree that there are certainly huge hurdles that face many single parents, it is never a reason to abort a child. Almost every child that has been born in Black America from the time of slavery has been “at risk” so that does not in any qualify as a reason for abortion. In any event, the reality is that many churches do not and have not adequately addressed many of the underlying personal choice issues that lead to the unfortunate number of unintended pregnancies and abortions

    The struggling single mother to which you allude does indeed have choices that she forfeited prior to conception like abstinence and birth control. Having failed to exercise those choices, she does not do well to rectify wrong by committing additional wrong.

  5. krystin Says:

    Well lets see in Minnesota Abortion is the leading cause of deaths in the Black community. and it outranks deaths 3.5 times all the death related causes put together. With all of the abortions in any race 36 percent say because of financial reasons and 68 percent dont want to have a baby and less than 1 percent to rape. I dont think racism is a issue, nobody cares about racism as much anymore and if it were it should drive a race to be a better people. So I agree with elderj

  6. J.D. Gent Says:

    The bottom line is that abortion, like so many other decadent moral choices, are running rampant through the black community. The problem isn’t racism or politics, the problem is the much often made excuses for immoral behavior which dominates blacks. They could do better if they would quit whining and quit blaming everyone else for their mistakes. Either take responsibility or cease to exist.

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