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Wombs for sale April 5, 2008

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Just few days ago, I got in our mailbox this week’s Newsweek (only magazine I am subscribed to right now). The coverage report was on “Wombs for Rent.” It was about secret life of surrogate mothers. Who they are and why they do it?

Cost of surrogacy in the US currently ranges between $ 20K to $25K. The surrogacy is estimated now to be a half a billion dollar a year business. Is this merely business? What does medical ethic say or moral implication of new medical procedures?

Some of the stories they covered on surrogacy are military families as they cannot bear children on base. Other group is career women. Medical science has come to the rescue of many career women who wants to have children but do not want pregnancy to come in the way.

Another related issue and as a result of globalization is the trend of American women looking to Indian women to carry their babies to term. See my entry on Outsourcing of Pregnancy. Is this exploitation of poor Indian women? Is surrogacy of big favor women do it for their sisters?


One Response to “Wombs for sale”

  1. I think surrogacy is a great gift of God for childless couples.

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