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Cost of Family Breakdown May 3, 2008

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Finally numbers are out. First of its kind assessment how much does it cost the goverment (hence the taxpayers) as a result of family disintegration, particularly divorce and out of wedlock childbirth. A whopping $112 Billion a year!

A very sobering reminder how family fragmentation is so expensive to everyone. The study was done by the Institute for American Values, a Washington DC based family organization and along with few other family agencies. See the reports here.

Between 1970 and 2005, the percentage of children being raised in two-parent families dropped from 85 to 68 percent. Divorce and alternative marriages continue to plague the Western society. Anti-family agenda is undermining communities and nations. Weakening in the most basic unit of the society has far-reaching implications.

This cost arise from increased taxpayer expenditures for antipoverty, criminal justice, and education programs, and through lower levels of taxes paid by individuals who, as adults, earn less because of reduced opportunities as a result of having been more likely to grow up in poverty.

Whatever be the cost figures, it proves there are family fragmentation has communal and national implications. When people pursue their own happiness, even at the expense of their mate and children, rest of the society pays a dear price. So they and their elected officials must come in the aid of keep it from fragmenting in the first place.
The policymakers, state legislators, and federal agencies must take keen interest in marriage and family issues. Stable marriage helps everyone. We all must resolve to committed to marriage strengthening initiatives at community level and supportive of government programs as well. Faith groups have crucial role to play, not just in conducting wedding but to help them stay married! 


2 Responses to “Cost of Family Breakdown”

  1. Robert Gartner Says:

    Stephen Baskerville says it best in his new book “Taken Into Custody”. He says taxpayers are paying for things that create more things for the taxpayer to pay for.

    Take the monetary child support skam. States Attorney General’s get a 17% kickback from the federal government for every dollar it collects for child support. Therefore it behooves the State to turn one parent, usually the father, into a wage slave, denying equality of access for the child to each and both parents. Many women are lreaning this formula for legal extortion and destruction of children. It has been said that many women are having babies when they get older and un married , especially the white women. So how many of those knwo the skams available to impose and then subvert a child’s relationship with its father. For me it has been 2 for 2. Both mothers knew the programs out there and used them well. My two daughters have never known me. The State is responsible for the halocaust for my two daughters and me.

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