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Anti-Dowry Laws May 13, 2008

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The Indian government is working on an amendment to dowry laws.

Dowry is an age old social evil in India. Everyday dowry related abuse and deaths go unnoticed in India. Battered women, domestic abuse and violence continues across all socio-economic sections of Indian society. A practise that prevails even in educated, well to do communities including Christians. Gender inequality and expolitative socio-economic forces lies at the heart of this evil practise.

Will a new set of law help reclaim diginity of women in India? Legislation banning dowry was passed in 1961 but is still flouted. According to police records, a woman is killed every 77 minutes due to dowry-related issues.  According to a study by the United Nations Population Fund, 60 per cent of married women are victims of physical torture or forced sex by their husbands.

So what we need to law enforcement and more accurately a change in mindset in the Indian society. We got to change how woman are viewed in the society, eliminate social stigma and empower women. We need a new worldview on genders.

But the popular feminist approach to dealing with this issues undermines and distorts our understanding of masculinity. I think that might do more harm than good in the long run. We need to develop a healthy and balanced view on genders.


6 Responses to “Anti-Dowry Laws”

  1. legalfighter Says:

    Can you give me the source of

    “According to police records, a woman is killed every 77 minutes due to dowry-related issues.”

    How many complaints the police received and how many were actually found to be true and not an attempt to misuse biased laws and extort money?

    I don’t think without these statistics you should print such things here. Mere allegations are a different thing and the same PROVED are another.

    Read this report, it clearly says 98% of these cases are false and the media, as soon as it gets the report of a case filed, prints it. So how do you say that dowry as a problem exists.

    It is very easy to read media reports and conclude. Troop down into reality world and see what happens to those families who are terrorized by the misuse of such laws and against whom false cases are lodged and their lives are turned hell.

    Some more links for your education

    These are the suicide statistics as per National Crime Records Bureau. Every year close to 75, 000 men are ending their lives being exaasperrated with the biased system and Legal Terrorism unleashed on them in the name of dowry laws and women empowerment.

  2. ififthelement Says:

    indian marriage law sucks ! marriage is crime in india as per existing laws! india will become fatherless & marriageless coutry with woman as legal pros .

  3. You are totally ignore the reality. Dowry itself is a vogus word and it is used to cheat the daughter and sisters to thier own right at thier parentl assest or property.Money minded and greedy people hide behind the word dowry and cheat thier own daughter and sister and use the husabnds family as free atm machine and extrote the money by making false alligations of dowry etc. As per court record it is the 98% cases the girls family demdn the money form husabnds family , openly in media/police/court and the same termed as legal terrorism by supreme court of india.
    Why you all treat the husabnds family as free ATM machine? First give the equll right to your own daughter and sister in your own home, instead of threating them as burden and use the husabnds family as free ATM machine.
    Now do you know?
    Crime Bure data, 2005 All India: Did You Know?
    In the Year 2005, the Crime Against Men, More than Twenty-two Lacks sixty Four Thousands ( 92.88%) vs One Lack fifty-five thousands against women( 6.38%)?
    Comp. Sue Moto By Police(FIR Registered): 24,37,973/-
    Crime Against Women : 1,55,553/-
    Crime against Child : 17,975/-
    Crime against Men : 22 ,64 , 445/-
    In the Year 2005 the Crime Against Men, More than Twenty-two Lacks sixty Four Thousands vs One Lack fifty-five thousands against women?

    % Wise All India Crime Against Men, Woemn and Child as Under :
    Crime Against Women : 6.38%
    Crime Against Child : 0.73%
    Crime Against Men : 92.88%
    We wonder Whose life is in More Danger in India : Men or Women?
    Crime Bure data 2005 : Married Men Sucide : 52k vs Married Women Sucide 28K.Still there is no LAW to Protect Men why?
    2006 Crime Bure Data : Married Men Sucide:55452 vs. Married Women Sucide:29869.
    Will Our LAW Maker change the LAW 304B( dowry death) to 304C( Sowry Death) and 498A ( harrasement to wife) to 498B ( Sowry harrasement by wife)

  4. Further you must know that:
    Violence a home truth for India Husband -Study Report

    From all over India, 98% of the respondents had suffered domestic violence more than once in their lives. The study covered Indian Husbands from various socio-economic strata but the bulk of the respondents,according to the researchers, came from the upper middle class and middle class.
    About 1650 Husbands aged between 15-49 years and selected through random sampling were interviewed using a schedule adapted from the WHO multi-country study on Husband’s health and domestic violence.

    The study looked at all four aspects of domestic violence — Economical,emotional, physical and sexual. Economical violence was found to be the commonest with 32.8% respondents saying they had faced it at least once,followed by emotional (22.2%) , by physical (25.2%) and sexual violence (19.8%). An interesting finding was that the probability of violence increased significantly with the duration of marriage particularly if it was more than seven years old.

  5. Leon Says:


    I live in Canada and Married to a woman from India. I would like to discuss this survey with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. Haresh Advani Says:

    False cases are filed under Sec.498-A without any convictions by the wives? They are just let off, unless the Husband files for defamation against his spouse at the higher courts. Why are not wives jailed or punished for the abuse of Sec.The trauma after such false cases on the boy,his parents,sister, brother and sometimes even small child who is not spared is horrifying.Senior Citizens are jailed without any proofs.Even in Murder cases proofs are required to convict the guilty.Wives just want to settle their scores by asking Hugh amounts from the In-Laws, so that she can withdraw the case.Isn’t such a demand of hers from his husband & In-Laws tantamount to a DOWRY? What a mockery of such a Section,which has been introduced for guarding her from the evils of dowry,is being used by her to extract money in such a way.Cases of Sec.498-A & D.V are filed by the wives(97%-98% are fakes)just to harass her husband & In-laws & majority of them leads to Separation/Divorces.India is the only Country in the World to have such Draconian Laws. India is the only Country in the World where there a plenty of laws for the women & sadly not a single law that protects a man.And finally India is the only country in the World where Husbands & his Parents are jailed without any Convictions/Proofs or Evidences whereas such a thing is mandatory for Murders and other criminal cases.In another decade, India will be the only Country in World where every household will have only women and we will be proud not because of Democracy but sadly Wifeocracy -To the Wife, By the Wife & For the Wife.

    I am also a victim of sec.498-A & fighting the evils of it.She filed Sec.498-A against me & my parents to take revenge on us, as I had filed Divorce petition (We were poles apart) prior to her filing.We were not at all compatible & hence I filed a divorce petition after 8 months of marriage.Her parents, brother his wife & few of her office colleagues(totally 6 people)barged into our house on 28th Sept.-2006 (the day they received copy of divorce petition)and started abusing my senior citizen parents & spoke in filthy language.I was in office on that day.They threatened my parents of dire consequences and left along with my wife and her clothings.Before leaving they demanded the jewelery & ornaments given to my wife during marriage.My father brought the pouch of ornaments & paper & asked them to give us in writing that they are taking all the jewelery of my wife with them.They refused to give us anything in writing & left the house & filed 498-A on the 29th Sept.Even while Police investigation was going on,the police asked the details of the case which I narrated & he also agreed that what we did was right by refusing to part with the ornaments without anything in writing.Coincidentally I have a copy of list of items (Jewelery & Clothing) given to my wife during marriage in her father’s writing which I hope will be crucial evidence later on.All false charges against my Daddy & Mummy were narrated(My father used to hit her, pull her by hair daily-My mother never used to give her food & I used to thrash her every day) My father is 70 yrs.-is a Heart-patient who had undergone By-pass surgery-My mother is 67 yrs.-Both being senior citizens.We were not arrested as divorce was filed earlier & are on Bail.Would like to know when would Law & Politicians wake up & see the modern,sophisticated crimes being committed on Husbands & their families? It should be scrapped totally or Wives should be jailed for the abuse of Sec. Actually I and my parents are still in a state of shock & still don’t believe that such a thing can happen to us. I even thought of committing suicide but later on thought about the plight of my parents they would go through.Recently a member of SIFF organization who also was the victim of 498- committed suicide.Shockingly in his suicide note he requested his wife not to trouble & leave his parents & let them live peacefully after his death. And his wife has still not withdrawn the case & is moving freely.Had it been the other way around,the husband would have been arrested immediately.Such is the apathy of our judiciary.Why can’t they understand that there are always two sides of a coin? Why are they seeing only on one side of it? So far as these two persons are there -Smt.RENUKA.CHOWDHARY-Minister of Family Welfare, & Smt.GIRIJA VYAS- Chairman of National Commission For Women (NCW) – Male community especially the husbands are always the villains & women for them can never be wrong.The Supreme Court recently said while delivering a judgment in such a case that Section is being misused/abused a lot and said that it should be amended & made a Compoundable so as to limit the misuse of it.

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