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Murder capital of the world June 13, 2008

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Ever wondered which nation in the world would be called Murder capital of the world. This might come shocking to you. This dubious distinction goes to India, according to recent report. See BBC, Time of India, Gulf Times etc.

According to data put together by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there are more than 32000 incident of murder recorded in India during 2007.  Twice as that of US or three times that of neighboring Pakistan. India was closely followed by South Africa with nearly 31000 incidents of murders.

The rate of murder in India is three per 100,000 people while that of rape is four in 100,000, according to the government report. But murder rate per capita may be less than many countries due to the large population of India. Of course, these are official figures and there would be thosands of unreported cases in India and other countries as well.

As India tries to portray an image of herself as a bouyant economy, nuclear power and vibrant culture, this comes as a big blow. There exist a deeply divided and deep seated animosity within the society. Communal clashes, religious persecution, expoitation of weak and poor goes on everyday in every city, town and village. The widespread disparity in wealth distribution, lack of diginity for life, fatalistic worldview etc is going to cost India a great deal in containing its aspirations!


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