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China’s testostrone problem July 14, 2008

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I recently read a report about a group of young men gangraping a young girl in Southwestern China, which even included son of a local politician. This incident set off a series of protest against government in many parts of China. But all of this is a fallout from China’s famous “one child” policy of 80s and 90s.

The one child were selectively chosen to be male and created the greatest gender imbalance in the history of the world. There are 37 million more men than women in China; and almost 20 percent more newborn boys than girls nationwide. In some parts of China, there are 60 percent more male children than female!

What is the result as these single kid grows into adolescents. China’s juvenile crime rate more than doubled. Significant increase in alcoholism, drug usage, vandalism, and aggressive violent behaviors. Online porn consumption to prostitution ring is wide spread among the next generation of Chinese. Those who are lucky to get married, are also get divorced at record numbers.

Kids grown up in ‘one child homes’ often have poorer peer relational skills. Oppurtunity to interact with opposite sex were limited during growing up years. homosexual tendancies are on the rise. Repressed emotional and sexual pressure is out in the open a decade later. Economic growth alone is insufficient to make strong and stable societies.

With all the focus on China for the forthcoming Olympic games and the Chinese government’s concerted effort to showcase China as a developed and advnaced society, there are fundamental disturbing social trends. Call it the consequence of testostrone build up!

Read the New Republic, Breakpoint, AP etc.


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