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Solving British Teen Pregnancy Problem July 16, 2008

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Heard about this absurdity – British government has urged school kids to try oral sex in order to cut teen pregnancies! Have they gone crazy or what? Do they think it is a novel idea and a creative means to contain a moral dilemma. Read more here. SIFY, Daily Mail, Sun

This advice is a part of Ten Commandments for young people released by chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson. He has suggested that teens should limit their sexual contact to touching, fondling and pleasuring each other. Crazy idea indeed. How can anyone stop at that point, without going all the way!

Over 3,000 girls under 16 gave birth in England and Wales in 2006 and 4,700 had an abortion. Under 14 abortions soard 20% last year. The abortion rate was highest for 19-year-olds at 36 per 1,000 girls. Terminations using a pill rather than surgery made up 35 per cent of the total in 2007, compared with 30 per cent in 2006.

This ‘stop-short’ approach is pushing the boundaries and deepening sexual promiscuity among teens. This will not only contain teen pregnancies but cause explosive growth in coming years. It is sure to backfire as many other morally liberal sex-ed stratagies have done before.

In few weeks, I am headed to London to speak at a youth conference there and wanted to see what is going on among youth these days. This was the first news that came across. Disturbing indeed. Would love to hear your comments.


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