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On the road again October 13, 2008

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Hello friends… I have been out of blogging for a while. Mostly travelling and it is hard to keep bloging while on the road. This weekend I am in Houston doing a weekend retreat and then off to Asia for a month. I doubt, if I will be able to have net access as much. So thot of posting something, before hitting the road.

In the US, economic and political news dominates these days. Friends of mine in the financial industry are dreading loss of their investment, jobs and spirits. Last couple of weeks saw the worstever slide of the US stock market and its repurcussion around the world. An Indian man killed his entire family and then himself due to ‘financial troubles.’ See my column in India Tribune last week on Stressors in Family Life.

The US Election scene is really heating up. Obama and McCain has been brining all the weapons in their arsenals. Attacking each other and trying to win over electorate. Every waking moment they are in the battle ground states. Traveling thro city after city, shaking hands, kissing babies and making speeches. Next weeks are crucial for both and determining who wil make it to the Whitehouse.

Market is looking up today – some 300 point gain this morning. Election starts today. I am in fact thinking of voting later today and tomorrow. I heard the promises and visions of both senators. I carefully evaluated their claims and watched their debates. I will exercise my franchise dutifully based on my values and beliefs, trusting that God will be soveriegn over who comes to be the next leader.

No matter who wins, challenges before the next President and the world is unlike anything we have known. Threats of terrorism, plummeted finaical markets, huge debt, failing healthcare and school system, immigration issues not sorted out etc are all real concers with no simplistic solutions. May God grant wisdom to our leaders and sense of justice and righteousness flow like river in this nation!


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