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Indian student population highest in US Universities November 18, 2008

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Asian Indians continues to top the list of foreign student in American universities. During the academic year 2007-2008, there are 94,563 Indian students enrolled in American campuses which constitute 15 percent of total foreign enrollement. This is highest we have ever seen in a year!

 I have cited more data and information on this in the Coconut Book. Also get latest research report called Open Doors from the Institute of International Education. See also American going to India for higher education. Here is a news report in Times of India.

Interest in American education and everything else that comes with that remains unabated. Recent attacks and killing of Indian students has not decrease the allure of the American degrees. Presence of American companies in India, strength of rupee and global mindset of young Indians could have contributed to this exodus of brain power.

Some of the brightest and smartest end up in American shores. Intellectual climate, lifestyle, opportunities, free society etc continue to be driving force behind getting an american education. American dream is still alive! Unlike in the past, some of these student after graduation will return to India to tap into unprecented opportunities that exist in India today.


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