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Television makes teens experiment with sex November 25, 2008

Filed under: Youth — Sam George @ 7:22 pm

Too much TV causes teens to engage in sex. A new research study from a professor at University of Wisconsin. No brainers right, especially after seeing some of the high sex television and racy movies that hollywood makes these days. See the report –

The Too much television, low self-esteem, disappointing grades and poor family relationships can be a formula that adds up to early teenage sex, according to the study. And among all of them the best predictors for early teen sex is television viewing.

TV often does not portray the negative consequences of sex, such as unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. It is projectd as cool and trendy. It makes you feel left out and that you are missing something in life if you have not experienced it yet.

What is result of such findings – introduced sex education at early age, make condom accessible to younger kids, more lecture on being safe etc. What a tragedy indeed of the modern society. If studies find it is unhealthy and dangerous for teens to engage in, why don’t we have the courage to tell the kids not to do it.

Parents shoule be more involved in their kids lives, including their sex life. Parents must talk about these issues at home and not let television industry or school system give them a dose of permissive liberal sexual ethics.


One Response to “Television makes teens experiment with sex”

  1. Joe Dolce Says:

    I read your article on teens and sex and think you might be interested to know about Dr. Meg Meeker, pediatrician, best-selling author, and one of the leading authorities on helping parents talk to teens about the S-word.

    Dr. Meeker is well respected in her field and highly praised for her ability to engage high school students in a meaningful and effective dialogue about sex. Dr. Meeker is often asked to speak to high school students about sex, and her message is neither political nor religious and does not center around abstinence. Rather, she focuses on the importance of putting on the brakes in relationships and having fewer sexual partners, which in turn, lowers the number of unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Because her message is neither political nor religious and is incredibly effective, Dr. Meeker is beloved and respected by conservatives and liberals alike, and parents flock to her for advice on how to help navigate tough and necessary conversations about sex.

    Dr. Meeker is also well versed in other topics of increasing importance, such as the fraught relationships between fathers and daughters (Fathers and Daughters); and how to raise boys to become responsible, caring men (Boys Should Be Boys). She is also an authority on the relationships between mothers and sons, a salient topic, considering so many boys are being born to single moms today– some 70% of Afro American boys don’t live with a dad.

    I invite you to interview Dr. Meeker on any topic when it comes to parents and teens. She is articulate, intelligent and cares deeply about changing and challenging the dynamic between kids and parents. Please find more information about Meg Meeker on her website

    Below is a link to a Dateline series Katie Couric did a few years ago about teens and sex after reading Meeker’s book, Epidemic.

    Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or to get in touch with Dr. Meeker. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Joe Dolce
    Creative Partner
    DolceGoldin Media Strategy
    917 365 0950

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