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Youth Ethics – troubling December 8, 2008

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You may say what does ethics got to do with todays’ youth. That is exactly this youth research study wanted to find out and resulting are very disturbing.

The Josephson Institute of Los Angeles, which studies contemporary ethics and morals of American Youth, recently released its “2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth.” They surveyed nearly 30000 youth across this nation to find out their ethical and moral groundings. What did they find? The next generation (future leaders, bizmen, politicians, teachers, parents etc) are involved in lying, cheating and stealing. Find the entire report card here and New York Times report.

30% stole from stores last year. 64% cheated on class tests. 83% lied to their parents. Inspite of these distubing stats, 93% seems to satisfied with their personal ethics, meaning they do not find anything wrong with what they did. That is more distubing fact than the stats itself.

It even scary to imagine what will happen when these youth become adults. Lying and cheating in their marriage, fail to keep us contrctual obligations in business, politicians stealing on public contracts, lying to their children and employers etc. Yet justifying their action according to their personal ethics.

We must have a common objective moral standards in the society outside of ourselves, without which we are bound too see such vaue confusion. What is right for you may not be right for me. Relativistic worldview will undermine our common vision for family, society and nation.

We removed God from schools and we saw pregnant teens, violence in school and now this new ethical standards. We removed God from business world (anything goes for sake of making money) and we saw several corporate implosion. Most recely mortgage crisis, econmic greed and near collapse of capitalism itself. We removed God from families and marriage crashed out at record numbers. We removed God from stores (last Christmas season) and come an year later, retail stores are in trouble and closing down. What a strange dilemma of the Western world.


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  1. What would you think of a business regarding its customers as “members”? See

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